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What's On Tap?

Miller Lite, Pilsner - ABV 4.2%

Blue Moon, Belgium Witbier - ABV 5.4%

Yuengling Lager - ABV 4.5%

Guinness, Stout - ABV 4%

Fall Cocktails

The Last Word - $15.00

A prohibition-era styled gin martini, gin lime green chartreuse maraschino

Pistachio Delight - $15.00

A dessert martini with Bailey's and Amaretto, topped with crushed pistachio

The Pink Panther - $15.00

A variation of "Paper Plane" with bourbon, Aperol and Maraschino lemon

Bobbin' 4 Apples Mule - $14.00

A fall flavored Mule topped with Apple topping, vodka, lime, apple cider & ginger beer

Maple Old Fashioned - $14.00

A sweet fall spin on the classic recipe, bourbon, bitters, maple simple

Sweet Pumpkin Pie - $14.00

Pumpkin martini with Vanilla Vodka and Frangelico, topped with whipped cream